Hi there, my name is Joyce Wang (王心怡).

I was born and raised in Beijing. At the moment, I am an undergrad studying Computer Science and Drama (Video and Media Design track) at Carnegie Mellon University.

I adore writing, museums, new environments, and being active. My family and friends are the most important part of my life. Often finding myself between various cultural and intellectual spaces, I try to find a balance between different parts of my identity and live as honestly as I can.

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Here is my cv and a list of fun things I read recently.

Thanks for coming here. Shoot me a message – hope I get to know you someday too.


social computing / online ethnography research, 2018-2019

Curating the Public Sphere: An Online Ethnographic Study of How Op-eds Initiate Discourse on Twitter
Honors Thesis, adviced by Prof. Kathleen Carley.
Presented poster to the Knight Foundation.
video | full paper

AI/HCI research, 2018 summer

Designing Collaborative Workflow for Authoring Conversational AI
Advised by Dr. Mubbasir Kapadia at Disney Research.
Presented extended abstract at ACM Intelligent Virtual Agent Conference, Paris 2019.

ethnography research, 2014-2015

The Education of Migrant Children in Mainland China
Supported by the Community and Multicultural Development (CAMD) office at Phillips Academy.


Media Art



media design for devised theater, Jan-Feb 2019

“Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear” (written by Hannah Manikowski)

projection design for opera, Nov 2018

“Renegesis” (libretto by D. T. Burns, composed by Ziyu Wang, performed at Compos-it Opera Festival, CMU)


Community Building

campus activism, 2018-2020, ongoing

Interdisciplinary Community Initiative Founder
Encouraging and supporting undergraduate students at CMU to pursue interdisciplinary interests.
Organizing hackathons and producing videos showcasing interdisciplinary faculty work.
Supported by the Fifth Year Scholarship.

campus activism, 2018-2019

CMU Listens Founding member
New student initiative dedicated to spreading awareness and competency around active listening, towards the vision of a more inclusive and supportive campus community
Organized on-campus workshops and off-campus retreats

cultural exchange program, 2018-2019

IMPAQT (Initiating Meaningful Pittsburgh and Qatar Ties)
Visited Carnegie Mellon University’s Qatar campus to attend workshops and programs that facilitated student cultural exchange
Sponsored by Qatar Foundation and Carnegie Mellon University