How to Put on a Sock

Projection and Interaction Design
Processing, PollEverywhere, Millumin, Google Slides, Node.js

The project has been selected for inclusion in the Emerging Exhibit from the USA for 2019 Prague Quadrennial and USITT Stage Expo 2019.

How to Put On a Sock was an interactive theatrical performance in which audiences participate through anonymous, text-in polling to explore sex education and abortion policy across the States.

Throughout the play, the audience were asked about their personal experience with and opinions on sex education and abortion. The polls, whose results were displayed in real-time, highlighting the similarities and differences in the audience members’ person backgrounds and values within the play’s larger discussion of national issues.

In several scenes, we generated visualizations of polling results and projected them across multiple surfaces on stage. We wanted to use these striking, immersive images to inspire the audience to continue thinking about the social issues raised in the play.

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